A Dominator harvester – ooh, err missus….

There has been much talk recently about the possibility of accidentally accessing an unsuitable site whilst googling on one’s phone.  For example, agricultural vehicles can have risqué names – Dominator combine harvesters got one MP in to no end of trouble last month.  Although going back for a second fascinated look having stumbled on a pornography site accidentally is just dumb, and I certainly do not want to be represented in the Houses of Parliament by someone who is dumb.

I once made a similar mistake when I googled images of nurses’ uniforms whilst talking to a class of 3 and 4 year olds. “Let’s see what nurses wear” I suggested, but the first images to appear on the giant class whiteboard were not what I expected.  “Naughty nurses’ uniforms” would have been a more accurate descriptor.

We were discussing similar unexpected results on Sunday after ringing. “Little Miss Muffet” surprised some primary school teachers when the local authority filter failed to work.  “Fingering” caught out a clarinettist, and my husband loves the story told by a respectable colleague who wanted to make a donation to the Stroke Association and searched “Stroke Ass”.  The results could have led to his dismissal if a third party has inadvertently caught a glimpse of his screen at work.

It is possible to make a genuine mistake and filters do not always do their job.

Conversely, filters sometimes do their job too enthusiastically. My nursery class was once blocked from viewing children practising gymnastics – a shame since one of them was a very good gymnast who attended 3 sessions of training a week (aged 4).  They were allowed to view adults, but not inspirational children in case they found it sexually stimulating. And then this week, when a group of ringers took a mini-ring into a local primary school to introduce 10 year olds to ringing, one of the accompanying activities – playing around in ringingroom – was deemed too risky by the school’s internet filter and we were unable to access the virtual platform. Eventually we circumnavigated the filter by using a personal  phone and hot spot, but be warned any of you with similar “intent”, ringingroom is viewed as a social media platform and therefore blocked in some primary schools.  Take back-up technology should you wish to indulge.

The children loved it and I do not think their morals were compromised by a short exposure. Although had they been allowed to hang around in there for too long, all sorts of things might have followed.


  1. I was searching the “interweb” at work for some secondhand pantiles for a project on a listed building when I failed to notice that the spell checker had changed the important word!
    I had to report the error to the IT department and when I went into the office the next day my working area was festooned with ladies unmentionables of all shapes and sizes, fortunately they were all new and not secondhand!


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