Back on my soap box

I have just listened to the latest Fun with Bells podcast where Cathy Booth of the CCCBR interviews a number of people who probably spend too much time producing information about bellringing using various media – magazines, newsletters, videos, podcasts,vlogs and a blog. Will Bosworth, the editor of The Ringing World actually gets paid for his contribution, but the rest of us do it because it is a labour of love. The broadcast is worth a listen, and not only because of the contribution from me talking about  the origins of The Accidental Ringer. I usually decline talking on the radio or similar because I tend to waffle on and come across as an over-enthusiastic, slightly eccentric woman of a certain age. I only agreed to this interview because it was not about ringing per se, but about writing about ringing.  I feel qualified to contribute in this area because although I  am a newbie ringer and don’t know much about ringing yet (I have been known to make absolute howlers of errors which no doubt  produce  giggles from experienced ringers), I know about why I write and what I get from writing.  In this particular area I am the expert.

There are other contributions from two young men who post videos on Youtube  -the perfect place to tickle the interest of potential young recruits, particularly since one  of them is into Minecraft ringing . If you don’t know what that is, go and have a look. There are also interviews with Ruth Suggett who edits Tower Talk, the online magazine for newbie ringers following the Learning the Ropes scheme, and with Matt Austin who produces Treble’s Going, the  north American sister podcast to Fun with Bells.

It is a fairly long edition at over 1 hour, but can easily be split into shorter sections.  Don’t miss me reading one of my blogs at the end, in true nursery teacher style –“are you sitting comfortably?  Then I shall begin…”

Where will this ringing lark lead to next?

Hear from those who write, blog and vlog about bells


  1. Love your self-depreciating comment on not talking on the radio, saying you ‘waffle on’. But Mary, that’s what we love about your podcast! I also generally don’t like being interviewed but Vicki Chapman asked to interview me for the EACR YouTbe channel. It’s here and it might amuse you, not for what I say but for the fact that my husband tries to come in to get something from the room at about 5 minutes in – unobtrusively!


  2. The “unobstrusive” husband made me laugh! I have made a mental note never to set a tenor at backstroke if I can possibly avoid it and something in your most enjoyable podcast gave me an idea for a possible blog, so thank you.


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