A better way to start the day

The radio was not properly tuned in one morning this week, and I was delegated to improve the situation. As I twiddled the knob in search of Radio 4, I chanced on some gentle music and thought it would make a nice change not to be startled into the day with a diet of doom, gloom and despair.  I twiddled us on to the Radio 3 breakfast show, just as the announcer declared that it had been Yves Montand’s birthday the day before, so he would play something as a tribute to him. The something was inspired by the sound of churchbells.  Clearly I had discovered this particular channel at this particular time for a reason.  A piece of music inspired by church bells?  What not to like?

There followed a gentle tinkling of Debussy piano music.  Rather than the early morning flood of disaster offered by Radio 4, here was a river of arpeggios, rising and falling much like a trickle over rocks in a particularly cool and shady glade on a hot summer’s day. It was followed by the calming voice of Yves, wittering on about dead leaves, memories and regrets, but since it was in French, it didn’t really count. It reminded me of a posh person’s twist on the theme tune to Emmanuelle.

Apparently the piano music was inspired by the bells of a church in the Jura and I am guessing that it was produced by a carillon, because it certainly was not change ringing.   Either that or Debussy lived next door to some handbell ringers and was treated to an aural diet of dinkly cadences.

A Mozart violin concerto was aired next, by which time I was thoroughly relaxed and in possession of a marginally improved sense of rhythm.

What a lovely way to start the day.

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